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The common problems today are that most of us do not have enough monthly passive income to survive if we stop working. Most of us only know about a select few investment strategies: mutual funds, GICs, etc. The problem with most of these investments is two-fold, they’re either designed to make the fund manager money but not the investor or the rate of return is so low that after you factor in inflation, the investment is actually losing money! At this rate, obtaining financial freedom 55 will actually become financial freedom 85!


When you partner with TySoull Investor, you invest and then sit back and relax.


I've always been about investing in real estate hands off, and the Live Your Live Everyday Real Estate Investing Program allows you to passively invest in real estate, just like you would with your RRSP’s or other traditional investments such as Stocks and Mutual Funds. 


When you partner with us, YOU WILL NOT be doing any of the operational work such as: finding the property, negotiating a deal, developing a scope of work if renovations are required, managing the contractors and trades, making sure we are on budget, placing equity building tenants, managing the property managers, unplugging toilets, collecting rent, dealing with repairs and maintenance, accounting and legal, day to day managements, and all administration/bookkeeping. 


You are a money partner and we take care of all the details!

Why Partner With Us?


  • Partner with experts – established company with proven track record

  • We use joint ventures, one of the most powerful tools for anyone, to participate in real estate

  • We find properties needing work; renovate them, then rent to great tenants, while our partners provide the financial backing. High returns: typical gross yields of 10-20%

  • No hassle – 100% hands-free investments

  • Investment fully secured via ownership of property

  • Share the rental profits and capital appreciation

  • We handle all of the work

  • AND we only make money from the properties if we make money for you


We look at each investor and design a strategy that works for you and TySoull Investor. Each investor comes to us with different circumstances and goals. We do our best to find a solution to that combination. At TySoull Investor, we have done it all, but now focus on:


  • Buying, Fixing, Refinancing and Holding

  • Buying, Fixing and Flipping

  • Buying and Holding (Multi Unit Properties)


Our goal is to build relationships and long-term wealth; we want to have our partners continually investing with us over and over again.

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