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2015 Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine Investor of the Year

TySoull Investor is an Elite Residential Real estate Investment Company that is a growing provider of modern rentals and renovated properties in the Windsor, Ontario communities.


Our Team, consisting Tyler Soulliere, President, and Ashley Soulliere, Vice President are the owners and founders of TySoull Investor. It should be noted that we have spent many years developing an exceptionally strong team of valued companies and individuals over the years to help us do what we do best! This has taken a dedication to building strong relationships. When you partner with TySoull Investor, you leverage these relationships, which is just another one of the benefits we provide.


About Tyler

Tyler Soulliere started his real estate career by becoming a Realtor in Toronto back in 2012 and hasn’t looked back. He currently works at Manor Windsor Realty Brokerage in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, where he helps many buyers, sellers and investors buy and sell properties. Over the years he has worked with many real estate investors which prompted him to start his own real estate investing company, TySoull Investor (formerly TySoull Real Estate Group).

A little about Tyler Soulliere, he was born and raised in Windsor, ON, and obtained his Masters in Business Administration in Midland MI at Northwood University. Tyler has gained much experience since graduating, from working for almost 4 years at the family business in Windsor, ON at an automotive aftermarket warehousing company called Cross Canada, which was then acquired by LKQ Corporation; to then studying to become a Realtor and moving to Toronto, where he spent a year learning and mentoring under top producers at RE/MAX West Realty. Upon moving back to Windsor, Tyler wanted to take on his next challenge, which was to finally start investing in real estate.

Tyler got to work right away, working as a Realtor for many investors from all over Canada. He helped many investors buy and sell investment properties for almost a year, learning the ropes and getting a better handle on what it takes to be a real estate investor. He quickly learned that everyone talks about investing in real estate, and you can read all the books and articles you want, but until you take that huge leap and finally buy your first income property, everything is just talk. “Once I bought my first property however, I was hooked; I wanted another one, and then another. My goal was to purchase enough properties that cash flowed, that I could sit back and live off the rental income; as well as do a couple of fix and flips each year for some extra cash”, Tyler says. And from that, TySoull Investor was born.

Tyler now has years of experience in investing in Windsor real estate. From buying properties that need to be gutted down to the studs, to dealing with city inspectors and obtaining permits, to dealing with tenants who wouldn’t move out for months and not pay there rent. These are only some of the things that can eat away at your bottom line, and Tyler has experienced them, and learned from them.


With over 30 units and counting, Tyler and TySoull Investor is always looking to add to the portfolio, with the right people.

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